Facial Supreme by Diana Stalder

I was given a chance to try their Facial Supreme which is equivalent to a basic and/or usual Facial. 
Right after work I head up to their clinic in Shaw Blvd.(located in Edsa Central, Pavillion, 3rd level).

The facade of the clinic.

The store is actually having a renovation. Look the the tarp, Gosh! Lasr night, I dreamed of Sam Milby like GAHHH!! It's like I don't want to wake up anymore and guess what? I woke up around 8am that's the start of my wok and yes! I am an hour late for work haha. Enough of me. LOL.

Since they are having a renovation this is where the facials are mainly done. 

There's a small room there, another facial room for Facial Supreme and Painless Facial.
And this is where the materials are stored. The compress's, tools etc.  

My bed for that day.

Cottons, tissues, lotions, creams, and guess what? needles. 

Basically, the women who did BM's Painless Facial used a needle to make a hole for his black and white heads. Gees! 

That's him. And.. Here are some words from him.
"I was in heaven all those time except the pricking time kasi masakit. I was totally relaxed" 
Me: Are you still gonna try it? 
Him: Oo pwede, kahit Facial Supreme for maintenance. :)
Me: *_* 

I really love how he shows his support for me, though he went through various pains BUT satisfying one. 

Painless Facial is for 999php and the Facial Supreme is 420 I gave the 1500 GC care of Diana Stalder. So, I still have 80php the in house personnel told us to just get anything above 80php and she recommend a Lemon Soap that is good for him( his has an oily skin). 

See. The Facial they gave me was really good. It gave my skin the cleanliest feel and look.
I so love the creams applied on my face, they smell so good and I know, it's effective. I can see the result naman. :)
I went home with a smile on my face plus the added confidence. HAHA.

Quick tip: Drink lot's of water for skin's hydration. 

Thank you Diana Stalder
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 xo, A. 

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