Etude House's Drawing Eye Brow

Etude House's Drawing Eye Brow 

Brows are simply the frame of our face. Any brow product will do depending on how you are comfortable with it. For me, Since I started doing all of these, I am used to use cream ones. Maybe because it is much easier and much build-able than powders and pencil (they are almost the same. HAHA). I'll share to you my most fave one.


It is very sleek and handy that you can just put it inside your pencil(in case you have one on your bag like me) or in your make-up kit of course. I also like the idea that it is in 2 way point. The other end is a spoolie which is obviously not in the photo (sorry) and the other is the product itself.
The thing is when it gets old with you? The caps might surrender cos it doesn't hold that hard after opening and closing it for few times.

As you can see on the photo, the product is kinda long. It actually last for 3 months for me (I don't use it that often though, I choose not to wear makeup everyday since I just stay inside the office most of the days in a week). Good thing about this? You can just buy a refill for less than 100PHP, In think it's 78PHP only. This one cost me 128PHP, not bad at all. It's sleek, refillable and yes! Long lasting and will give you a gorgeous brows.


It comes with 3 different shades. 1,2 and 3. I was using 3 before but I now use the number 2.
The product is very consistent in color and very rich as well. It is kinda sweat and waterproof so you can just wear this alone(which I normally do nowadays).

Quick tip: It doesn't work much on a dry eyebrows so put some foundation left on your brush just to have make it wet a bit. It another way for the product to stay. And, Keep it clean by using concealers. You know what i mean. *wink*

 xo, A. 

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  1. I may try this.

    XX, Jenniya

    1. Thanks Jenniya! You should! It's gorgeous! :)

  2. I should try this. ^^ Thanks for sharing pretty xx

  3. I've been looking for that in Etude House (SM North) last Tuesday but they were out of stock. I want to get used to filling in my brows using an eyebrow pencil. Nice review! :)

  4. I have this and laging napuputol.. 3x na heehhe


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