WHIB: 09.07.12 : Laura Mercier Make-up Workshop.

Hey everyone! :) Before anything else I would like to greet our grandparents a "HAPPY GRANDPARENTS DAY".  Cheers!!! :)

So.. How did you started your weekend break? 
Let me share mine. 

My friend Pattie and I are longing for some new workshop and so she shared this photo to me and I was like waw! legggggo!!! 

I was terribly excited that time and I quickly grabbed my phone to reserve a slot. 

Laura Mercier Cosmetics proudly brings you Jeffrey Tasker, Global Makeup Artist.


Rustan's Makati Grandmall at the Laura Mercier Boutique
tomorrow, September 6, 2012, 4PM

Rustan's Shangri-La at the Laura Mercier Counter
September 7, 2012, (Batch 3 at 6-7:30 PM)

Actually I also reserved a seat for NARS Worskshop held last Aug. 31, but I missed it. I still had to stay at the office until 5pm. I felt bad when I texted Ms. ____ ??? (Not again?!) to cancel my reservation. Augh! 

Here's a Ad Photo.


Rustan's invites you to the NARS Cosmetics Workshop with chief makeup artist Albert Kurniawan this Friday, Aug. 31, 3PM at the NARS boutique, Rustan's Shangri-La.

Here are some photos that Pattie took from her cam. Thanks Pattie labbie! :) 

The New Collection. 

Model: Francesca 

Global Make-up Artist Jeffrey Tasker.
He was so funny and I love how he interact with his students. He's so versatile and again, funny! :)

My Labbie Pattie! :) 

Isnt that a sweet photo. :) 

A tip/advice before we leave. 

The workshop runned for an hour and a half i guess. I have leaned a lot. From the right things to do in applying make-up and of course the wrong ones. We also went to the MAC and Bobbi Brown store to look for a perfect foundation and concealer. 

Thank You Rustan's looking forward for more! :) 

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