My First Charm Brush and Shoes for Rainy Saturday.

I and BM went to Serendra just around The Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City last Saturday.  After office hours we went to SM Megamall to pay his bills and just after that we hired a taxi going there. 
Going to work, i wore my so comfy and colorful havs. THEN....
Ta Da!!!!

I wore it inside the cab, less hassle, less pain. LOL.

BM decided to get his hair done at FIX. I waited for like 20 mins. HEEELLLAA!!! What to do? 

Hooola! :)

My Lunch. 
Since BM's craving for something and that I haven't had lunch that time we decided to eat outside Market Market ( I reallydon't know the name of the place) Saarrryyy!!!

There! :)
And Finally!!! 
At last! Whew! 

Here are the brushes I bought.

I love the color and the packaging. 


I am a smacker when it comes to packaging and look! SIMPLE but VERY attractive. 
I have been looking for Blending Brush and though I already have a brush set (12 pcs.) from Dollface Cosmetics it doesn't come with that. And so I looked for other branded brushes and I found this! I am so HAPPY to say.. I found SATISFACTION with this brush. :) 

It's the Charm's Vegan Crease Blending Blush. (AT last!!!) 
They sell it online for  P275.00 but I bought it for that price also. Cheap BUT "FAB". 
I am tempted to buy another brush and that would be an angled one. So I look for other brand and i found this. COSMO's Mini Angled Brush. 
It cost's P85.00 Not only that it's cheap but also it's very handy that i can bring and put it inside my make-up kit. :) 

After all the buying and eating thingy. We decided to go inside Market Market. I also called Ms. ___ (sorrrrrry) of  Beauty Cosmetics AND Charm Makeup Brush. We've been contacting and talking for weeks about the brands their selling.,that I am interested to give my order list. But i told that i'll just drop by at their store. BTW, it is located inside Pop Culture (Ground Floor).. I didn't got the chance to meet her but I was able to see the products in the "estante". Bad news was, the item that I've been wanting was not available (no stock), so I need to order online and it's up to me if i'll let them ship it or i'll drop by there again. ( Sad! )

After that we bought a candle that eliminates odor. It costs P175.00
(NO PICTURE) Sad! :( 

Tested and YES! It really eliminates bad order. :) Happy Room! Hihi.
I even bought Bread Talk’s KICK KICK and DOUBLE TROUBLE. They’re my FAVORITES! Happy tummy! 

And..... that ends my BLOG. :))

xo, A. 



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